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Pay online with your JCCC book advance using your JCCC ID card or a Cav Card. If you have JCCC Book Advances or other funds loaded onto your JCCC Cav Card or Student ID, you are now able to prepay for textbooks online. Please enter in the correct information for the following steps during checkout.

Step 1: Billing Address

All fields are required. Address does not necessarily have to be the same one used when paying with a credit card.

Step 2: Delivery Method

All orders will be shipped with the exception of the orders placed using Athletic Scholarships/Third Party Vouchers as your method of payment. Athletic Scholarship/Third Party orders will be held in store for pickup.

Step 3: Payment Method

You will then be able to select and pay with a credit card or JCCC Campus ID Card. [Choose “JCCC Cav Card” as Payment Type for all purchases where student has a Pell Grant, Scholarship or Third Party Voucher to be used. Please enter the last eight digits of the Cav Card number highlighted below. Do not enter in your Student ID number.**]

**Students who have never been issued a Cav Card need to enter their Student ID number.

Step 4: Submit Order

Once you have confirmed that the Cav Card number entered is correct and up to date, please submit your order. When your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email with your 5 digit order number.